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Welcome Dick Vitale to the Better Man Event 2022

It’s awesome, baby!”

Legendary basketball commentator and American Icon Dick Vitale rounds out this year's Better Man speaker set.

Known for his infectious energy, colorful and descriptive catchphrases, and passion for sports and life, this multiple Hall of Famer recently picked up a new title. Beyond being a dynamic coach and an iconic commentator, Dick is now a cancer survivor. This latest quarter of his life has provided Dick with a rich appreciation and understanding of what matters most.

Having given his life to building people up through his words and actions, Dick is coming to the Better Man Event™ on September 24th to coach us to become better men, offer some commentary on how we can STEP UP, and invite us to live our lives with a renewed passion.

Dick Vitale will inspire us to find joy in life’s wins and losses and encourage us to play the game of our lives to its fullest potential

The Better Man Event™ is live within the USA and Canada on September 24, 2022. We’d love for you to attend the event live in Orlando, FL or host the event at your home, church, or business as we seek to help men get better together.



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