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Welcome Alexandre Pato and Ricardo Kaka to the Better Man Event 2022

Alexandre Pato was the new, next-best-thing out of the Brazilian factory that makes world-class soccer stars. A childhood of sacrifice birthed a career full of the pressure of potential and the weight of expectation that comes with it. Success should have been right around the corner, but despite playing for some of the world's best soccer teams in England, Italy, China, and Brazil, that success proved elusive.

Wrestling with the weight of expectation, the pressure of potential and the desire for success is epidemic in many men’s lives.

In the midst of yet another career setback, Pato realized that God was setting him up for something that could lift the weight, give him a purpose and redefine what success was.

In an honest and vulnerable interview, Pato will share his story with Better Man veteran, former World Soccer Player of the Year, and World Cup winner Kaka at The Better Man Event™ this September 24th. His story has the power to change your story.

We invite you to join us on September 24, 2022 whether it be in-person, in Orlando, FL, or as a host site at your home, church, or business.

Stay tuned for our next Speaker Release Announcement soon!



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